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Since 1982

Who Are We

We are 35+ year old fabrication firm founded and managed by professionals with track record of delivering specialized heavy fabrication needs of our customers.

Our Mission

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What We Do

1. Steel Girders for Railways
2.EPC jobs for Power Plants
3. Heavy Fabrication
4. Super critical boiler pressure parts

Our Core Values


We are ISO 9001:2008 and RDSO certified company, who strive to meet the most stringent quality standards working efficiently in a professional manner. Quality forms the DNA of our company and is imbibed by all from top to bottom.


In highly competitive environment of today, we understand that ‘Time is money’ not just for us but also for our customers. We do not shy away from incurring additional cost in order to meet the project timeliness as on time delivery is one of our core values.

Customer Satisfaction

With a ‘customer-first’ approach we thrive along with the success of our customers. Understanding customer’s requirements and aligning our priorities along with it is key to our satisfied and retained customer base.


Bridge Griders

  • 12.2m to 30.5m composite girders
  • 30.5m to 61m open web girders
  • 30.5m underslunge girders
  • Riveted as well as HSFG bolts
  • Epc Jobs

  • Turnkey projects for thermal power plants
  • Boiler upgradation and capacity augmentation
  • Annual capital repair
  • Pressure Parts

    Complete ranfe of pressure parts including Economiser, superheater, water wall, Bedcoils, reheaters, etc

    Infrastructure And Machinery

    Office And Workshop

    Industrial Area, Bhilai
  • Plot size: 36,000sq.ft.
  • Covered: 18,000sq.ft.
  • Office: 1,000sq.ft.
  • Ancillary unit
  • Plot size: 90,000sq.ft.
  • Covered: 8,000sq.ft.
  • OT Crane: 20T
  • Major Machinery

    • Welding equipment (SAW, MIG, Inverter base, ARC)
    • Automatic beam welding
    • CNC profile cutting
    • Gas Cutting
    • CNC drill machines
    • Radial drill machines
    • Hydraulic press
    • Plate bending roller
    • Riveting equipment
    • Painting and shot blasting
    • NDT (Radiography and UT)
    • Generator 125kVA
    • Material handling – Hydra 14MT

    Who We've Worked With

    What Clients Say

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